A Handful of Silence

Alarms ringing,
horns honking,
radios blaring,
self-doubt chattering,
fear echoing,
“Do more!” demanded…
The noise builds
to deafening levels
of storms raging
the outer chaos
creating inner turmoil.

The brilliant sun peeks over the horizon
whispering, “All it takes is a handful of silence.”

Two cupped hands
lift high into the air and
open up to the arising sun
tingling as they are filled with silence,
which permeates and soothes.

Tipping hands allow
the silence
to flow down
cascading through
her very essence
washing away the noises
opening the spaces
to honor the silence within.
It was an illusion
that the inner spaces
of silence were gone.

Instead, as the hands
full of silence opened,
the gift of inner hearing
responded with
peace and love…

All is well.
Accept the gift
of a handful of silence.

L and Muse



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