A Supportive Tribe

scatters seeds.
One shimmies
Earth opens to greet her.
She sighed into the embrace.

The sun and moon
kissed good morning,
bid each good night
smiling down
upon the tender life.
A sea of others
nestled into the fertile ground.
They swayed in the breeze,
huddled together in the storms,
wished upon the stars,
shared their dreams,
wiggled in their tears,
and danced in the sun.
She had created a tribe.

L and Muse

Poetry’s Heartfelt Plea

when your pen
shared the hidden words
of your heart…
when I was your friend
who held your hand
through your breaking heart…
when I was your only voice
through those darkest hours…
when you slammed the door shut on me?
Do you remember?

L and Muse

My Hammock

Time pauses,
my mind slows, muscles release,
thoughts meander
into unfolding dreams,
my heart soars,
my soul sings
Joy dances through me,
my heart space glows
beating in rhythm with the source,
I am truly alive.

L and Muse